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Thursday, 17 June 2010


I would provide photographic images to go with this update, but they would be disturbing. So here's a short summary of what I saw:

1. Man naked in mud, being whipped in time by angry mob to Billy Idol's 'White Wedding.'

2. Fat Cyber Goth in pink foil hotpants and a bra, bending right over infront of my tent at 8.30am. Sinead, it was lovely to meet you! Please start wearing underwear.

3. Wandering into the Metal Hammer party by accident. Accquainting myself with Napalm Death's manager, who then offered to introduce me to someone from Lamb of God. I have no idea who Lamb of God are.

4. Dads bringing inflatable guitars to AC/DC, placing more emphasis on fretwork than the average "air guitar."

5. A Dad, upon seeing this, improvising and playing his leg to 'Whole Lotta Rosie.'

6. Captain Dildo: Forty plus hefty bloke in underpants and a cycle helmet, with a dildo sellotaped to the top.

7. Countless Trivium T-Shirts

I could go on, but I feel you get the picutre.

Speaking of pictures, we got 'papped' for whilst we were there, have a look here. I'm also in the next issue of Vice 'talking about my download outfit.' Strange times!

My lengthy review of the whole thing can be found here on Contact Music. And yes, I had a very deep bath when I got home.

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