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Friday, 3 July 2009

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

# 2

A couple of reviews I did for Contact Music:

Scaramanga Six here

and Lucky Elephant here.

I've got a few more for that nice website that should be about in the next week. Including, amongst other things, Skanky Skanky by Toddla T. To be honest I did it on a bit of a whim, dubstep is hardly going to be my specialist subject on Mastermind!
But good result anyway: I think the album's pretty good. Or should that be bangin'? or filthy? God knows what the kids are saying these days.

In other news it's too hot to work today, so I don't plan to. Maybe some token photocopying to get me out of the office and away from The Wicked Witch of The West. Her voice is particularly shrill today, like a copper kettle on the boil. Bad times.