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Friday, 4 June 2010

California Dreamin'

There are some gigs I would give a testicle to attend (as soon as I grow one)... but I don't have unlimited air miles, time off work, a money tree or a rich husband.

Until any of these things happen, I am limited to drawing (pointless) attention to things I like. So, here it is: I like Woodsist, and they are having their festival on 12th June in Big Sur, CA. have just released more tickets

When I say 'like', I mean I really love Woodsist. They've put out some of my favourite music of the past few years, including:

REAL ESTATE (Real Estate)

I don't know what they've been putting in the water in New Jersey, but long may it continue. Real Estate was released in late 2009, and it's a beautifully simple, nostalgic record. Drifting and hazy, like a long summer, they have burrowed their way into my subconscious and refused to budge. Basically, I've bored everyone I know to death by bleating about how good it is.

WAVVES (Wavves)

To put it mildly: Nathan Williams did not take very well to success. He had a public brawl with Black Lips, a nervous breakdown onstage at Primavera, cancelled his EU tour and sodded off back to San Francisco.
Despite all this, I hope the tiny brat weathers out the storm, because Wavves was a brilliant 30 minute headrush. Try it yourself: Pick the word 'Beach', 'Punk' or 'Goth,' add a couple of chords and some feedback and there it is. Perfecto.


Though Kurt Vile has now absconded to Matador with his new album Childish Prodigy, it was Woodsist who gave him a leg up by releasing his debut, Constant Hitmaker. As an album it
drives a perfect balance between freaky psychedelia and alt.rock, and channels Neil Young at his most dirge-ridden. And in the true tradition of the grunge forefathers, the man is 60% shiny mane. Bonus!

Mr. Vile will be at the aforementioned festival, along with Real Estate, Moon Duo, Woods and The Fresh and Onlys. Check them out, they're all worthy of investigation.

In need of a plane ticket. If anyone wants to buy my kidneys, O.I.R.O. a grand.

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