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Monday, 10 May 2010

What the hell has just happened?

The Liberal Conservatives. The Conservative Democrats. The Conservocrats... The Liberatives? "Camlegg Presents: Democracy" ?

Nope, I'm sorry. This just isn't going to work for me, boys. Does anyone else get the feeling that Parliament at the minute seems like a giant, doggedly-adamant toddler, trying to bash a triangle block into a circular hole? It makes me feel uneasy.

Anyway, this isn't going to turn into a political blog, I'm hardly Andrew Marr after all, and not half as good looking. But I just wanted to share my feeling that the world is turning on its head. Exhibit no. 2: Leeds United getting promoted.

As a life long Leeds fan I can attest that we've had our fair share of hardship. If the 80s were considered a bit of a doom and gloom for us, the last decade must have been the Trials of Job: Getting relegated twice, penalised for financial hardship, coming within inches of promotion 3 times, only to have it snatched away - even when we seemed the likely victors. Yet now, after a so-so second half of the season, in a match that would secure us promotion by a point - after Gradel being sent off, Bristol going 1-0 up ... we did it in the most unlikely (and excruciating) circumstances.

This, unlike my first topic, was one of the best surprises I've ever gotten. Beckford's 63rd minute strike caused Elland Road to erupt through my radio speakers (couldn't get tickets, alas), which in turn caused me to erupt on a friend's balcony. I'd like to take this opportunity to apologise to the residents of Call's Landing for the outburst, I was pretty loud.

Drinking ensued, as did singing 'vintage' Leeds songs when we ran out of current ones. Allan Clarke, Billy Bremner: you had your tributes. And as for the swiftly departing Beckford, hey - we'll always have Old Trafford.

So yeah, the universe is in a state of flux. But as long as the Good keeps piling up alongside the Camlegg, I don't suppose I can complain.

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