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Thursday, 13 May 2010


THIS IS a busy time of year for the music writer, festival season is getting into gear and I'm finding myself with increasingly less time to think!

So... another summer of swearing off festivals due to funds, and failing miserably. As you know, Primavera is fast approaching in just under a fortnight. Currently in the process of finding out if I can secure any interviews whilst I'm there, keeping everything crossed.

But suddenly sprung up on the horizon, is this beast:

Yes, ladies and gents, I shall go to the ball - or rather, to Download 2010.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm an eclectic sort most of the time. So festivals like Download are usually too much of a muchness for me, I prefer ones where I can sample a bit of everything. But this line-up literally made my eyeballs pop out when I saw it.

I mean, HOLY CRAP! LOOK AT IT! I couldn't have cooked up a bill this good in my wildest dreams. Personal highlights will most definitely include:

The return to British shores of Deftones, with a new (supposedly solid) album.
AC/DCs 30th anniversary show. According to a friend of mine who DJs, anyone who fails to dance to Back in Black is "dead inside." I'm inclined to agree with her.
Seeing how loud Motorhead, The Loudest Band in the World (tm), actually are.
And finally, Rage! I don't care how lame that 'smash the system' Christmas No. 1 jobby was, I'm looking forward to seeing a band that I never imagined I'd see perform. Even though I think I can hear the tills ringing up from here, Cha-ching.

All this takes place 11th-13th June, at Donington Park. Tickets are available from the website (click on the 'Download 2010' link) and start at 75 quid for a day ticket.

Silicone earplugs at the ready.

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