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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

BBC, Grrrr

Below is what I sent to the BBC regarding the foreclosure of BBC 6 Music. If you feel strongly about it as I do please email or find and write a letter to your MP.

Dear BBC,

I am writing to urge that you overturn your decision to close BBC 6 Music. I find it bizarre, that an internationally respected news corporation priding itself on balance, variety and diversity would choose to dispose of one of the few national outlets for independent music.
I am afraid that is a decision that confirms my suspicions: the BBC have become a faceless conglomerate, more interested in sustaining itself than the needs and wants of its listeners. As a regular listener of BBC 6 Music, I was glad to have be able to choose between what I wanted to listen to. When I got up in the morning, I didn't have to stomach the asinine, often callous 'humour' of celebrity fat man Chris Moyles . Nor did I have to be force-fed the record label playlists filled with the vacuous RnB No. 1s of next month. Instead I could listen to a DJ who played the songs they wanted to, a simple enough freedom.

That was then. But now this decision signals to me, a person with strong and lifelong interest in independent music, that my opinions -and the opinions of many of my peers- do not matter to you. It saddens me to think that because schemes such as Raw Talent, BBC Blast and BBC Introducing have provided pivotal support for young musicians starting their careers, and also for budding music journalists such as myself.
The response from the BBC has been quick to marginalize the listeners of 6 Music. I do not feel in the minority because I want quality control and an alternative choice. I believe that there are many people who feel the same, and you have just alienated them. Well done. I could go on, but I think I'll leave it there. Please re-think your decision and reinstate the station. If you're really looking to shave a few quid off of the budget I may I suggest a few tips:
1.Don't spend 200 grand a year on champagne (I saw that report... naughty)
2. Get rid of George Lamb - he's still an annoying tw*t.



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