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Friday, 12 March 2010


The Hickey Underworld – The Hickey Underworld (Naive)

This release came out in early October, and since doing so it’s crept, inch by inch, into my favour. It's a bit cheesy and reeks of Nirvana et al, but then I love Nirvana! So I can forgive a little pastiche. Besides,'Of Asteroids and Men...Plus Added Wizardry' is an absolute belter of a track, have a look at my full review for Contact here.

Oh No Ono - Eggs (Leaf)

As I've elaborated here, curious is most definitely the term for this! Quirky Scandanavian pop has been abdundant of late, but with Eggs, Oh No Ono have definitely made something all of their own. Listening to it can be a bit brain-melting at times, but it's also a sunny, psychedelic gem. So give it a couple of spins and this album will have you anticipating the arrival of summer, even in frosty weather like this.

Husky Rescue - Ship of Light (Catskills)

Speaking of frosty, here's my review of the beautiful Ship of Light: a glacial pop album from yet another Scandanavian band, Finland's Husky Rescue. I can only conclude that there must be something in the water over that way?

Well... it wouldn't be a blog entry without a reminder of what I've got coming up. I am hoping to see everyone at British Wildlife Festival, 26-28th March @ The Brudenell Social Club/Royal Park Cellars/Nation of Shopcreepers. Check out for further deets/tickets. The line-up is Grade A BAD ASS, so come!
On top of this, there's my review of Joanna Newsom's mammoth new album in the next issue of Shut Magazine, so keep 'em peeled. Natalie x

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