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Tuesday, 10 November 2009


Well I'm nearly back to full fitness after an unfortunate series of events. Tip 1: if you're falling down some steps, don't try to save your drink. Especially in the Brudenell, a two pound pint is not worth a fractured arm.

Tip 2: why not put safety first and test if you've made a full recovery like this?

(Photograph by Bart Pettman)

This is was Brainwashed festival, which will be my next article with the BBC. Contrary to my facial expression, (I think) I was having a good time. The man flying towards me is James Brown from Pulled Apart By Horses, which probably goes some way to explaining the look of terror.

So, to a large amount of business. Recent(ish) features which I have omitted to speak about (lazy or incompetent? probably both).

Simian Mobile Disco
Blacklisters/These Monsters Live for BBC Leeds
Castrovalva Interview/Feature for BBC as well...

More Recent include Dance to the Radio EP Vol 3. and Dizzee Rascal for

Popping up soon will be the aformentioned Brainwashed feature, the Cold Cave album - which is pretty amazing- and Miike Snow. Oh, and the new Kitsune Compilation along with a couple of other things that I will talk about later. Right now it's time for less chat and more actual work.

Mind how you go, and even if you're having a shit day - remember it could be worse. You could be stuck on an ice floe with a hungry bear for three days. Pretty resilient for a 15 year-old if you ask me!

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