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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Poorly Dressed

Fashion Fail - Oh Dear God Yessss

Being already a fan of Failbook and There, I Fixed It for time-wasting, I suppose it was only a matter of time before I came across this little gem of a site.
If you're stuck for a laugh at work, this keeps me cringing through most slow afternoons.
Fashion Fail - Vacuum Sealed for Freshness

Wowzers! American Apparel didn't start this trend, then.
Actually, this brings back some memories of my own fashion howlers. Particularly of the patchwork jeans I made, at 14 years old, out of three different pairs. I spent ages sewing them together and putting authentic rips in the knees (I liked Jimi Hendrix, but I also liked Nirvana. What's a girl to do?).
I wish I could post a photograph, but my Nana eventually managed to sneak out of my room and throw them in the bin. What an angst-filled afternoon that was.

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