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Friday, 7 August 2009

# 4

Apologies for neglecting this so badly, but I've been so busy. A month has gone by in what seems like a week!

Erm, so where do I start? Went to Benicassim (strictly hols, no reviews), which was hot and lovely apart from the 'hurricane' on the Friday (it was a bit of bloody wind really)... finally got to see TV on the Radio though! Absolutely amazing band, very special experience for me despite having to see them by myself, none of the other girls really like them like I do!
I got back and went straight down to London the next day to do some experience at The Metro- they're printing an article of mine sometime this month in the travel section.
So briefly, then. This is my BBC review i did for Chickenhawk for the Futuresound Leeds Festival Competition. It was an amazing gig, and rightly they ended up winning a place - well in lads!
Otherwise... this is the Toddla T review I did for Contact Music. He's probably the most interesting thing I've come across in a while... such an ace mish-mash of everything.

So off to Moor Fest in about 2 hours, and I'm happy to discover that the weather is going to be beautiful this weekend - I don't think it could possibly have been worse than last year's. And then I have a grand total of 3 days at home before it's off to France to cover Le Route Du Rock. Line-up includes My Bloody Valentine, Deerhunter and Crystal Stilts - if I'm lucky I may get to interview one of them so I'm really giddy. Will post up here as soon as I get time!

Ta, N xx

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